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Rent and Hold or Fix and Flip

One of the best investments that you can make today is real estate. While purchasing your own home is certainly a laudable and beneficial way to invest your funds, many have discovered that buying properties to rent or fix up and sell can be a fabulous way to make significant profit.

Buy Where There is Demand and Rent It Out

However, you should be aware that real estate investing is not without risks. There may be times when you do not have a tenant or find yourself with one who ends up costing you through damages or refusal to pay. Additionally, you need to be certain that you purchase property in an area that has a low vacancy rate. Otherwise, you may end up with a piece of property that is very difficult to rent.

To minimize your risk with real estate investments, it is often worthwhile to work with a real estate investment group. This will allow you to buy into a property that is maintained by a management company. They handle the day to day operations of the rentals for a percentage of the collected rents. This will cut into your cash flow a little each month but the alternative of having a vacant property can potentially derail your investment. As a resource, here are some real estate investment analysis spreadsheets which will help you make key decisions with your venture.

The Fix and Flip Method

One way to gain profit through real estate is by flipping properties. This is a common method for many who understand how to find and resale properties quickly. There are a couple of methods that people usually employ when flipping land and buildings like this.

The first is finding a property that needs no repair. It should be priced too low or in a market that is really hot at the time. Both of these allow for a quick return to the market at a marked up price.

Alternatively, if you have the skills, you may want to purchase residential or commercial space that may need some minor adjustments. Simple things like remodeling the kitchen can increase the value of it. However, before you make alterations, you need to determine the impact on property value compared to the money and time you are putting into the changes. You want to choose the changes that will provide you the greatest return on your investment.

Real estate investing is something that many have found quite profitable. If you have limited funds or are uncertain about the idea, you may want to join an investment group. However, you may be more comfortable with employing one of the flipping methods. No matter what you decide, do your research and you will learn how to turn a profit.

REO Opportunities

Be prepared: If you are serious about investing in an REO real estate property, you should act upon this real estate transaction as quickly as you can...